Don’t Forget Agents Can Win Double Commission

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of ARC MarketPlace, we have been running multiple contests since March. The longest of which, and is still running, is to win double commission. There is no entry required, all you have to do is book, and each month we randomly select three agents to win double commission.

There is no change in how agencies need to claim their commission. Each month an additional payment will be made to an agency with the double commission winner and the amount detailed. This payment comes through in the same way that normal commission comes through. The nine double commission winners so far are listed below:


  • Michelle Green – Express Travel Service Inc.
  • Sarah Welsh – American Express
  • Alexander Hickey – Aspire Travels


  • Donna Padilla – Coastline Travel
  • Carol Medley – Platinum Travel
  • Anne Waters – Dream Vacations


  • Naomi Maslow – Travel 100
  • Cynthia Sell – Classic Travel and Tours
  • Penny Lee Clark – Travel Time of Everett, Inc.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and if you haven’t won yet keep booking for your chance to win! To learn more about the 10th anniversary of ARC MarketPlace and to see the full contest rules, visit our contest page. To see all of the products and services that are available on ARC MarketPlace, visit

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