Guide to ARC MarketPlace: Receiving and Claiming Viator Vouchers

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Guide to ARC MarketPlace: Receiving Vouchers for Tours, Activities, and Shore Excursions

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from agents is “How do I receive the vouchers after I book a Viator tour, activity, or shore excursion?” In this post, we will walk through how to make sure that both you and your clients know how to receive the vouchers required for the tour or activity.

What are Vouchers?

Vouchers act as tickets for Viator tours, activities, and shore excursions. They are sent in a confirmation email after a booking has been made. Vouchers are unique to the individual booking and also serve as a proof of purchase. Viator offers 3 types of vouchers: 1). Paper voucher required 2). E-Voucher and 3). Voucher not required.  Voucher requirements vary by tour/activity, therefore, we recommend that your clients have printed copies of all of their vouchers and be ready to present them to the tour operator at the start of the tour. This way they are sure to have what they need.

How do I ensure my client receives the voucher?

During the secure checkout process, there will be multiple areas to fill out on the checkout screen, including the Traveler Details and Travel Agent Details sections. If you look at the image below you will notice that the second to last field in the Travel Agent Details section is called “Email delivery options.” This is where you will select where the confirmation email for the booking will be sent.

Viator Checkout Stage

We strongly suggest that you select the “Agent and Customer” option so the confirmation email containing the voucher goes to both you and the client. This acts as an easy backup in case you misspelled an email address or something happens to the client’s email. Having a backup of the confirmation and voucher can come in handy when your clients are at their destination and run into any issues.

Printing a Voucher

Once you have selected “Book Now” from the checkout screen, if you selected the email delivery option of “Agent and Customer”, you and your client will receive an email from Viator with the subject line “ActivitiesBookings.” This email contains important information including:

  • Tour/activity details
  • Link to the voucher
  • Itinerary number
  • Payment Details
  • Important voucher information
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Support information

To view and print the voucher you will click “view voucher” in the confirmation email. You can see an example of the details section of the confirmation below with the link to the voucher.

Viator Voucher Confirmation

From there you and/or the client will be able to see and view their voucher. On the voucher screen, click the large orange button that says “Print Vouchers” and you are good to go. You will want to be sure to carefully read the information on the voucher itself as it will provide details such as directions to the meeting place and time, pick up details, and other important information the travelers will need to know. Some suppliers require the traveler to confirm directly with them prior to the tour or activity. All of those details will be included on the voucher itself so please be sure to read it carefully. We strongly recommend also printing out the product details page with the voucher, so your clients have all of the information that they will need for each activity.

Redeeming Vouchers

To redeem a voucher, it must be presented with a valid photo ID of the lead traveler at the start of a tour or activity. ID is required to protect client’s purchases and to make sure no one else can redeem their vouchers.

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