From 2007-2017: Fastest Growing Activity/Tour Categories


ARC MarketPlace has over 50,000 tours and activities and keeping them all straight can be quite difficult. Luckily there are product categories to help break down the products and make them easier to search for agents.

In case you missed it earlier this year, we broke down the top 10 product categories.

Today we aren’t going to be looking at the top categories again, we are going to be looking at the fastest growing product categories. While some of these may be the same as the top categories, others may be very different. The categories that are quickly growing signify those that are trending or becoming proportionally more popular than others.

  1. Attraction Tickets

It’s no surprise that attraction ticket sales are growing, Viator has been making an effort to get more single attraction tickets available. This provides travelers with more freedom as they do not have to go on full day tours to see the things that they want to see. This way they are able to plan their own itineraries around their destinations.

The two most popular attraction tickets were both in London, the London Eye Ticket, and The Tower of London Entrance Ticket. The third most popular is the Blue Lagoon Spa with Roundtrip Transport from Reykjavik. You can see how these kinds of tours are individual activities that are quicker and often less expensive for your clients.

  1. Port of Call Tours

Port of call tours are simple tours that allow your clients to see the city that their cruise stops in. They are often hop-on hop-off tours or a bus trip that takes your clients around the city. They are often simple tours but they make for a great experience for travelers who are experiencing a destination for the first time and would like to get a taste for the whole destination

The most popular port of call tour is the Barcelona City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour.

  1. Food Tours

With delicious food and very unique experiences, it is no wonder that food tours are quickly gaining popularity with travelers. Food tours come in many different forms, they can be tours where your clients walk a city and experience different cuisine, specific tours to one food like a chocolate tour, or they can be cooking classes where your clients get to learn a recipe from a local chef.

The most popular cooking tours are: Sorrento Farm Experience including Tastings, Pizza Making, and Limoncello, Tapas Evening Tour of Barcelona, and Rome Food Tour by Sunset around Prati District

  1. City Tours

Much like the port of call tours, city tours are larger/more basic tours that give your clients a high-level picture of their destination. With an increase of travelers going international, it is no wonder that city tours are becoming more and more popular by the year. These are great tours for your clients who are experiencing a destination for the first time and want to get an overview of their destination. From here they can pick what they would like to see more in depth and what areas they would like to explore further.

The most popular city tour is the Small-Group Ancient Rome and Colosseum Underground Tour with Third Tier Access, but the Seattle in One Day Sightseeing Tour, and the Vancouver City Tour follow closely behind.

  1. Private Sightseeing Tours

The fastest growing product category is private sightseeing. Travelers now more than ever are clamoring for unique one-of-a-kind travel experiences. Nothing provides that quite like a private sightseeing tour with a guide one on one or before or after regular hours at a museum or landmark. These experiences give your clients bragging rights to all of their friends who were likely to see the same places but in a normal setting.

This category has become so popular it went from a top twenty category to a top five category in just one year. The most popular private sightseeing tours are the Anne Frank Walking Tour of Amsterdam, Private Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour, and the Venice Gondola Ride including the Grand Canal.


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