Happy Fourth of July 2017

We hope that everyone is having a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend. As everyone is celebrating the country’s birthday we celebrated by ranking the top early American destinations.

  1. New York, New York

New York City is one of the most popular global travel destinations, but it was also one of the earliest American Settlements. The city was originally settled by the Dutch in 1625 and named New Amsterdam. The city was captured by the British and renamed to New York City in 1665, served as a major trading hub.

The city was a major location during the Revolutionary War and some of the buildings from that period are still scattered around the city. The best way to experience them is through a tour that easily combines all of the significant points of the city in one package.

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New York City was the home to many of the Founding Fathers including Alexander Hamilton. The Hamilton walking tour brings your clients to many of the locations around New York City that were influential in Hamilton’s life. Among these locations are the Kings College, St Paul’s Chapel, The Commons, and the Fraunces Tavern which served as major meeting places to the Sons of Liberty and George Washington’s presidency.

  1. Philadelphia, PA

When you think of the capital of the United States the first thing that comes to mind is Washington, DC, However, the first capital was actually Philadelphia. Philadelphia was the home of Benjamin Franklin and during his presidency, George Washington. These locations and the Liberty Bell have all been combined into one convenient tour around central Philly.

Philly is located in the middle of what was the original 13 colonies. Because of this, it served as the meeting place for the first and second continental congress. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were signed at Independence Hall in downtown Philly. The Constitutional Walking Tour takes visitors around the entire Independence National Historical Park to Independence Hall and many other smaller historical buildings in the area.

  1. Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg is the only location on the list that is not a large city. Williamsburg is one of the first settlements in the United States and was built adjacent to the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown. One of the best parts of Williamsburg is the complete reconstruction of the Colonial Era city. The colonial city is a complete reenactment of the times, with costumed guides and fife and drummers patrolling the streets.

Colonial Williamsburg takes visitors back in time to early America and the birthplace of the revolution. Williamsburg housed the first capital of the English colonies and the surrounding areas are home to the first English settlement at Jamestown and the site of the British surrender at Yorktown. Unlike the other destinations, Williamsburg doesn’t have a large city to explore, but it is home to the Busch Gardens theme park and Water Country USA.

  1. Boston, MA

Boston was one of the most important cities in the revolution. The city was the site of the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, and the Shot Heard Around the World. The city served as the home of the Sons of Liberty and as the starting point for the Revolutionary War. Boston and the surrounding area are very rich in early American history.

The Boston Harbor and Charlestown Navy Yard are must see locations for visitors. They are home to some of the most iconic landmarks, the USS Constitution and the Boston Tea Party Ships. The USS Constitution which was one of the first ships ever to be commissioned by the US Navy. It is still commissioned and is the longest serving ship in the Navy.

  1. Washington, DC

Washington, DC isn’t technically a colonial-era city, but it is the capital of the United States. Construction of the city started in 1791 and has served as the capital ever since. Washington, DC is now home to some of the most famous monuments, memorials, and American figures. It can be tough to get around to see all of the landmarks on your own. One of the best tours is the Viator VIP Best of DC because it takes clients to all of the top locations including the Capitol Building, the Archives to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and many monuments.

The area around Washington, DC is also home to historical sites. The most famous is Mount Vernon which was the plantation home of George Washington. Just across the Potomac River sits the Arlington National Cemetery. The grounds were once the home of Robert E. Lee but were converted to a cemetery during the Civil War. The site is now home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and many other unit memorials.

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