Seeing the Northern Lights


As summer winds down and we head into shorter days and cooler weather, one thing ramps up, the northern lights. The northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, are created by solar particles hitting the Earth’s magnetic field. The best time to see the lights is from September to April each year when nights are longer.

The lights are most prominent around the poles of the Earth and are most often viewed near the Arctic Circle. The most popular destinations to view the lights are Alaska, Iceland, Scandinavia, and the Yukon. Unfortunately, many of these areas are remote and are tough to travel to.

Along with being one of the quickest growing global travel destinations, Iceland is also one of the most convenient places for many Americans to catch a glimpse at the natural light show. The lights are easy to access in Iceland as they are a short trip away from Reykjavik, the country’s largest city, and capital. There are many different ways to experience the lights, but the most popular is a night cruise that takes travelers north to see the lights and get away from any man-made light sources, which can make viewing tough.

If your clients don’t want to take a boat there is also the chance to see the lights by land. There are also tours that will take your clients to the countryside via van. These tours also include hotel pick up and drop off in Reykjavik to make it easier for your clients.

As your clients are beginning to plan fall and winter trips, the northern lights are a big attraction. If they are traveling near the Arctic Circle, check ARC MarketPlace for tours and activities that include the Auroras. With over 65,000 tours and activities, we have something for everyone regardless of their travel destination.

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