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ARC MarketPlace has over 65,000 tours and activities that are available for agents to earn commission on. One of the most popular categories for agents is VIP and Exclusive tours. What makes these tours special, is that they are a high level of service and are often small group or private experiences for your clients. These tours and activities provide your clients with a one-of-a-kind experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

These are the kinds of tours that benefit travel agents the most, as the client may not know that they exist. A VIP or Exclusive tour can give them a focal point for their trip, and see the increased value in the agency. So you might be asking “What’s the difference between the two categories?”

Exclusive tours are any tour that has been set up specifically by Viator, these are often tours that happen outside of the normal hours of operations at a museum or attraction. They can also be specifically negotiated experiences that combine multiple activities or include access that to an area that is not usually open to the public.

A VIP tour is often a private tour with the highest level of service. These tours are often among the most expensive, but they are sure to provide your clients with a unique experience that they will never forget.

As an example, one of the most popular VIP tours is the VIP Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Tour with Dinner. This tour takes travelers from Las Vegas over Lake Meade to the Grand Canyon by helicopter. Once there the helicopter descends to the canyon floor where your clients have dinner.

Finding these tours is simple. Once you have selected a destination, you can either filter using the left-hand column of the screen.

You can also simply scroll down to the section of the page that is for VIP and Exclusive tours.

Once this has been done, the only tours and activities that will show are in that category. This can be done for any category of tours that you are searching for.

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