Top Trending Tours in Hawaii


If your clients are thinking of sun, sand, relaxation and fun, then a trip to Hawaii would be a great place to add to their travel bucket list. Now that the summer crowds have tapered off, Hawaii is a fantastic destination for your clients to explore this season. From late August to mid-November, travelers far and wide can still enjoy tropical temperatures, pristine beaches and magical sunsets. With the right planning (and ARC MarketPlace at your fingertips), your clients can expect to have an enjoyable trip in paradise.

Since Hawaii is made up of several islands, your clients have some options in deciding where they would like to visit, stay and play during their trip. For starters, Oahu and Maui are the most visited islands, followed by the “Big Island,” affectionately known as Hawaii’s main island and then, Kauai. Check out these top tours and activities on each island:

Oahu: Known as “The Gathering Place,” it is the perfect place for any traveler looking for a mix of history, adventure and relaxation. Learn more about Oahu’s top activities and tours.

Maui: Explore “The Valley Isle”– famous for its picturesque coastline and lush rainforest; Maui offers plenty of opportunities for thrill seekers who enjoy the great outdoors. Learn more about Maui’s top activities and tours.

The Big Island: As the main island, your clients can experience a mixture of cultural activities as well as breath-taking waterfall tours and up close and personal encounters with volcanos via a helicopter tour. Learn more about the Big Island’s top activities and tours.

Kauai: As “The Garden Island,” it the best place for any traveler looking to unplug and relax on secluded beaches or explore scenic mountain ranges. Learn more about Kauai’s top activities and tours.

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